Bento-ya | べんとう屋

Bento-Ya is a small Japanese takeaway shop in the Bloomsbury area. The quality of the preparation is a genuine display of the care the staff have about their food. Many of the local customers go back to the shop for another tasty meal, as they find the food is incredibly delicious. The menu is quite simple but has a good selection Bento, Donburi, Curry and Sushi to takeaway or eat-in (only a few seats available). Despite the excellent quality of food, the prices they offer are very reasonable, especially in this area. Friendly Staff and great service.

べんとう屋 は、ブルームズベリー地域にある小さな日本食テイクアウト店。一度食べたらもう一度行きたくなるほど美味しいと、ローカルの間で人気。メニューはシンプルだが、お弁当、丼物、カレー、寿司などが豊富に揃っており、テイクアウトまたは店内で食事ができる(席数はわずか)。ロンドン中心の地域にもかかわらず、本格的で美味しい日本食が気軽に楽しめる。フレンドリーなスタッフと丁寧なサービス。

11 Warren St, London W1T 5LG