Edamame | えだまめ

Edamame is a small Japanese restaurant in Oxford serving delicious home-cooked style dishes. There is often a queue, but it moves down quickly and is definitely worth the wait. The restaurant offers very authentic dishes such as Ramen, Teriyaki salmon and Chicken Katsu. Their delicious lunch set menu keeps delighting the customers that make them want to visit the restaurant again for a different set. The restaurant runs one sushi evening a week (Thursdays) and it’s very popular. As there’s “no advance booking”, getting there earlier is highly recommended. Delicious meals, big potions, friendly staff.

えだまめはオックスフォードにある小さな日本食レストラン。ラーメン、照り焼きサーモン、チキンカツなどの美味しい家庭料理のほか、手頃な価格で満足感のあるランチセットを求めて来店する客も多い。行列がよくできているが、待ち時間はそれほど長くない。週に 1 回 (木曜日)のみの 寿司メニューはとても人気。事前予約は取っていないので、待ち時間を避けたい場合は早めに行くことがお勧め。フレンドリーで心温まるサービス。

15 Holywell St, Oxford OX1 3SA
Website: https://www.edamame.co.uk/