Happy Sky Japanese Bakery

Happy Sky Bakery is a Japanese handmade bakery, offering preservative free bread. Almost everything is handmade, not just bread itself but also cream, curry, and anko (sweet azuki bean paste) inside the bread.

There is a wide variety of Japanese savory and sweet bread freshly baked in the oven on site. The shop is not only providing delicious baked items but also a real experience of Japanese bakery that it’s difficult to find in London. The shop is small but has a few tables to eat-in.

Happy Sky Bakeryは、保存料不要のパンを提供する日本のベーカリー。パンそのものはもちろん、パンの中に入れるクリームやカレー、あんこなど、ほぼ全てが手作り。食パン、メロンパン、アンパン、クリームパンの他、焼きたての香ばしく甘みのある日本のパンが豊富に選べる。ロンドンで日本のパンが恋しくなったらここがお勧め。

Address: 94 Askew Road, London W12 9BL
Website: https://www.happyskylondon.com/