Ippuku Tea House | いっぷくティーハウス

Ippuku Tea House is a little authentic Japanese cafe in York, located in the busy shopping town. The food served here are home-cooked style that is familiar to Japanese people. They have a good selection of authentic dishes on the menu, including Donburi, Teishoku (lunch set) and sides, as well as the daily special written on the blackboard. Their dessert menu ranges from Yuzu cheese cake to Hojicha cake, and many more that are Matcha based. Their popular Japanese green tea and Matcha based drinks are highly recommended to try. Friendly, helpful staff, good portions, vegan, gluten-free options available. 

いっぷくティーハウス は、北ヨークシャー、ヨークにある小さな日本のカフェ。日本人になじみの丼物、定食、おかず料理や日替わりメニューを提供している。デザートは、ゆずチーズケーキやほうじ茶ケーキ、その他抹茶を使ったメニューが豊富。日本茶や抹茶ラテなどの飲み物メニューもとても人気。フレンドリーで親切なスタッフ、ビーガン、グルテンフリーのオプションあり。

15 Blake St, York YO1 8QJ
Website: https://www.instagram.com/ippukuteahouse