Pochi | ポチ

POCHI is an authentic Japanese street food market stall based in South London, offering home-cooked style, comfort food made with the freshest ingredients that are sourced locally. The stall serves bowls of rice with toppings like fried marinated aubergine with a sprinkle of sesame; deep fried cauliflower with Yukari (Japanese herb) sprinkles; slow-cooked pork belly with spring onion. All dishes come with crunchy Japanese pickles on the side. Grab a huge and delicious bowl with your choice of toppings!

ポチ は南ロンドンにある日本食屋台。地元で調達した新鮮な食材を使い、心あたたまる家庭料理を提供している。メインはご飯の上に豚の角煮や、唐揚げ、カリフラワーフライなどのトッピングをのせた丼。横についてくる漬物といっしょに、本格的な日本の味が楽しめる。

The Borough Market Kitchen, Winchester Walk, Jubilee, London SE1 9AG
Website: https://www.pochigohan.com/