Kamome Japanese Kitchen | かもめ

Casual but inventive market hall kitchen with a wide range of sushi-free, Japanese menu. Get more info

Kintan Japanese BBQ | キンタン

An authentic Japanese style Yakiniku (BBQ), offering carefully sourced ingredients both locally and internationally while staying true to authentic Japanese flavors. Get more info

Kikuchi | 菊池

A small, easygoing restaurant, serving Japanese fare such as sushi rolls & sashimi plus Saké flights.
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Kiku | 菊

A Japanese restaurant with stone floor and natural wood interior, sushi counter and traditional menu.
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Koya | こや

A Japanese udon noodle bar, serving freshly made udon noodles, donburi and authentic Japanese small plates. Get more info

Kulu Kulu Sushi | くるくるすし

A small Japanese restaurant providing enjoyable service with sushi and cooked dishes on a conveyor belt. Get more info

Sushi Bar Makoto | 真琴

A small Sushi bar, offering “Very consistent and reliable sushi” wins a loyal local following for this no-frills, family-run pit stop. Get more info

Michiko Sushino | みちこすしの

A traditional yet modern Japanese restaurant serving authentic sushi in a relaxed ambience. Get more info

Misato | みさと

A straightforward, casual eatery serving sushi & an extensive selection of homestyle Japanese cuisine. Get more info

Momo | もも

A modern, discreetly-lit Japanese restaurant with a wide range of sushi menu. Get more info