Cafés & Delis

Lanka | ランカ

Classic and inventive French-style pastries and Ceylon teas served in a narrow, contemporary space.
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Moko Made| モコメイド

A charming cafe, serving homemade Japanese food & teas, and excellent Vagabond coffee. Read more

Mugen | 夢源

An informal take-away storefront offering Japanese fare from sushi to bento boxes & cooked dishes. Read More

Natural Natural ナチュラルナチュラル

An authentic Japanese grocery store with a wide range of Japanese and oriental food &drinks.
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Rice wine | らいすわいん

A well stocked Japanese supermarket selling everything you need to create authentic Japanese cuisine at home. Read more

Sushi Heads | スシヘッズ

A small Japanese shop and takeaway counter was popular for good sushi for many years. Now, it’s offering authentic homely Japanese food. Read more

Sushi Show | すし翔

House-made sushi boxes, snacks and other Japanese fare served up in a casual eatery / shop.
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Tetote Factory | てとてファクトリー

The shop specializes in Japanese bakery products, which is very popular in Japan. Read more

Toconoco | とこのこ

Japanese snacks, meals & teas offered in a colorful, canal-side cafe with a play room for kids. Read more

Tombo Japanese Cafe | とんぼカフェ

The cafe offers authentic Japanese taste served in a modern and accessible way. Sushi, noodles, desserts and many more. Read more