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eat Tokyo Central Kitchen & Takeaway

One of eat Tokyo’s branches, offering freshly cooked Bento boxes and Sushi to takeaway. Read more
eat Tokyoの支店の1つで、作りたてのお弁当と寿司をテイクアウトできる。詳細

Conveni Tokyo Colindale

The first eat Tokyo’s convenience store, offering the real ‘Conveni’ experience with a wide range of Japanese food and drinks. Read more
eat Tokyoのコンビニの第一号店。ロンドンで日本のコンビニが体験できる。新鮮な惣菜などのお持ち帰りも可能。詳細

Conveni Tokyo G4 Golders Green

The 2nd eat Tokyo’s convenience store, offering the real ‘Conveni’ experience with a wide range of Japanese food and drinks. Read more
eat Tokyoのコンビニの第二号店。ロンドンで日本のコンビニが体験できる。肉まんや惣菜などのお持ち帰りも可能。詳細

Atariya | あたりや

A well-established Japanese restaurant group that has several branches in London, offering authentic Japanese food and products. Read more

Bento Boys | 弁当ボーイズ

 Authentic Japanese Bento boxes at affordable prices. Eat-in and takeaway are available.
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Bento-ya | べんとう屋

This takeaway shop offers very authentic Japanese takeaway food with a great service.
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Donburi -St. Paul’s- | どんぶり

The shop offers authentic donburi and ramen. A perfect place to grab Japanese food on the go.
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Cocoro | こころ

Freshly made Sushi, Ramen, Japanese curry & Donburi are available. Read more

Hiden Curry | 秘伝カリー

A Japanese curry shop, offering crafted, authentic Japanese Curry in London at 2 different locations.
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Happy Sky Japanese Bakery

An authentic Japanese bakery, producing breads and pastries with good, simple ingredients. Very popular among locals and Japanese. Read more

Hasu Sushi | はす寿司

A popular Japanese spot offering creative sushi and other authentic dishes. Read more

Hase-Ya | 長谷屋

An adorable authentic Japanese sushi takeaway shop with amazing sashimi. Read more

HACHI Beyond Bakery

A modern Japanese bakery in Notting Hill, offering a delightful selection of baked goodies. Read more

Kissa Wa Café | 喫茶和カフェ

The cafe has a good range of vegetarian Japanese food. Vegan options available. Offering Dairy free milk for drinks. Read more